Learning How to be an Auto Mechanic: Is It Right for Me?

Automotive technicians are professionals who examine, troubleshoot, repair and maintain various types of vehicles, including privately owned and commercial vehicles. Their work generally involves fixing worn brake pads or wheel bearing, changing or repairing tires, giving tune-ups, changing oil, and completing inspections. In established companies, automotive technicians may specialize in a single mode of expertise  [...]

What is a Heavy Diesel Mechanic and What are the Requirements to Become One?

Heavy diesel mechanics are tasked with the inspection, repair, and maintenance of vehicles and machines used in transport, construction, and farming. Heavy diesel mechanics work on biggest machines and engine to ensure that they run safely and efficiently. These mechanics understand how to troubleshoot problems and are always ready to get dirty when it comes  [...]

Shortage of Truck Drivers Means New Opportunities for Aspiring Truck Drivers

When people across the country sit down to make career plans, one line of work rarely enters the picture: trucking. For many, that might be a grave mistake. Unlike many other job categories these days, the trucking industry is currently facing a dramatic shortage of workers. Thanks to some unprecedented social and economic factors, there’s  [...]

What is Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Education Like in Hampton Roads?

Due to the increase in industrial productions over the years, there has been an uptick of truck engines use in America. Heavy vehicles, such as tractors and buses, use diesel engines because they provide high efficiency, longer lifespan, require low maintenance and have low operations costs. All these benefits make diesel engines the perfect choice  [...]