Automotive Technology with High Performance Engineering

Is High Performance Automotive Training for You?

If you love the challenge of getting the best performance from a vehicle, ATI’s Automotive Technology with High Performance Engineering program could be the right fit for you. This program combines auto maintenance and repair training with instruction in high performance systems, preparing students for general automotive service as well as high performance specialties.

Program Description

The Automotive Technology with High Performance Engineering diploma program offers training in the practical aspects of automobile maintenance and repair. It goes on to provide training in alternative fuels, high performance drive train design, installation, and testing. Students receive classroom and laboratory training using modern test equipment and specialized tools. Students gain hands-on experience in a realistic shop setting where they must demonstrate specific proficiencies. Emphasis is placed on logical diagnostic methods and repair procedures.

The High Performance Engineering courses build upon basic automotive knowledge and skills received from the ASE classes. Students will be introduced to high performance hardware, software, fuel, and ignition systems on domestic and Asian engines. This program prepares graduates for entry-level employment in modern automotive service centers as well as high performance shops.


Course Number Course RequirementsClock HoursCredit Hours
ORN120Fundamentals of Technology1004
HVT131Preventative Maintenance Inspections1004
HVT122Vehicle Electrical Systems1004
HVT123Environmental Comfort Systems1004
HVT134Four Cycle Diesel Engines1004
HVT125Diesel Fuel Systems1004
HVT126Advanced Diesel Fuel Systems1004
HVT228Brakes & Suspension1004
HVT229Steering & Alignment1004
HVT230Hydraulic Systems1004
COM220Principles of Speech502
ENG260Technical Writing502
PSY121Occupational Health and Safety502
PSY217Industrial Psychology502
SM210Service Management I502
SM220Service Management II502
SM230Service Management III502
SM240Service Management IV502
  • Students attend class four (4) days per week on various schedules.
  • Program length is approximately 75 weeks – all schedules.
  • At the successful completion of the program, the student will receive a diploma in Automotive Technology with High Performance Engineering.

Possible Career Track

Possible Career Track
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Program Fast Facts

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Program Available at: Main Campus, and Virginia Beach Campus.