Heavy Vehicle Education: Why Should I Earn a Degree in this Field?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for skilled heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians will add an additional 14,900 job positions between 2016 and 2026. These rewarding careers are also highly competitive. For those seeking a career in the heavy vehicle field, education is a key element in achieving the desired  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: A New Career Path for Me?

There’s much more to being a mechanic than working on cars or motorcycles. In fact, heavy vehicles with diesel engines require mechanics who specialize in them. That’s because diesel engine technology is quite different from gasoline engine technology. This means that businesses that rely on heavy vehicles need mechanics who specialize in diesel engine technology.  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Jobs in Hampton Roads: What Education Will I Need?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for heavy vehicle operators like construction equipment operators will increase by 12% over the next decade. This represents solid career options for those who are interested in this field. Some areas of the country have a greater demand for these heavy vehicle professionals. The Hampton Roads,  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Classes and Training in Virginia Beach, VA

Skilled heavy vehicle mechanics and those who know how to maintain diesel engines could find themselves in many diverse fields: transportation (buses, diesel engines), farming, railroad, mining, agriculture, and forestry, to name a few. In our region, this also could include working for military installations, maritime, trucking, and construction firms. If you’ve got an interest  [...]

What Schooling Do You Need to be a Heavy Duty Mechanic Today?

Many individuals repair automobiles as a hobby or just because it’s necessary at a given time. But if you have a passion for it, why not earn a living doing what you love? Heavy vehicle mechanics repair and maintain vehicles and equipment powered by diesel. This may include farm equipment, tractor-trailer rigs, large cranes, construction  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Training in Norfolk, VA: What Do I Need to Know?

The numbers don’t lie. In 2016, which is the last year information is available, the country’s roads were full of heavy vehicles. In fact, there were more than 8.7 million single-unit trucks, 2.7 million tractor-trailers, and nearly 1 million buses, according to data compiled by the U.S. Department of Transportation. And these vehicles did a  [...]

What Schooling to you Need to be a Heavy Duty Mechanic?

Heavy duty mechanics maintain, service, and repair heavy duty machines and vehicles used in transportation, construction, or farming industries. Examples include semi-trucks, bulldozers, buses, tractors, and cranes. Their primary duties include diagnosing parts, testing components, making repairs, and replacing parts. The nature of their work is characterized by heavy lifting, working in awkward positions, and  [...]

What is Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Education Like in Hampton Roads?

Due to the increase in industrial productions over the years, there has been an uptick of truck engines use in America. Heavy vehicles, such as tractors and buses, use diesel engines because they provide high efficiency, longer lifespan, require low maintenance and have low operations costs. All these benefits make diesel engines the perfect choice  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: Can You See Yourself in this Career in Hampton Roads?

Heavy vehicle mechanics repair and maintain equipment that might include diesel trucks, tractors, cranes, and bulldozers, to till land, haul goods and equipment, lift beams, dig earth, and perform other jobs. Heavy vehicle mechanics and technicians typically work on hydraulic systems, transmissions, engines, and electrical systems of a vast array of vehicles used in manufacturing,  [...]

Heavy Vehicle EDR Training: What Will I Learn?

You see them on construction sites, making their way through crowded city streets, and slowly working their way across the country on highways. They’re enormous, powerful, and potentially dangerous. They are “heavy vehicles.” This includes tractors, drill rigs, long buses, vehicle, livestock haulers, and other massive pieces of machinery used to move people, products, and  [...]