Shortage of Truck Drivers Means New Opportunities for Aspiring Truck Drivers

When people across the country sit down to make career plans, one line of work rarely enters the picture: trucking. For many, that might be a grave mistake. Unlike many other job categories these days, the trucking industry is currently facing a dramatic shortage of workers. Thanks to some unprecedented social and economic factors, there’s  [...]

What is Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Education Like in Hampton Roads?

Due to the increase in industrial productions over the years, there has been an uptick of truck engines use in America. Heavy vehicles, such as tractors and buses, use diesel engines because they provide high efficiency, longer lifespan, require low maintenance and have low operations costs. All these benefits make diesel engines the perfect choice  [...]

What Are the Main Duties of a Mechanic? Will I Need Formal Training in this Profession?

Mechanics are skillful tradespersons who work on light trucks, automobiles, and other types of vehicles that run on gasoline. They are entrusted with examining and inspecting vehicles brought into a service or repair shop. They interact with clients to obtain key information concerning the issues that they’re experiencing with their vehicles in order to diagnose  [...]

HVAC Schools in Virginia Beach: Are They Really Needed to Start a Career in HVAC?

Shipbuilding is big business in the Virginia Beach area, with several busy shipyards headquartered here. These shipyards offer numerous opportunities for employment, including installing fiber optic cable, pipefitting/welding, and HVAC installation and repair. An HVAC technician can generally find employment year round, working on air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems in homes or in businesses  [...]

How to Get a Welding Apprenticeship as a Maritime Welder: Facts You Should Know!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, welding, soldering, and brazing workers make up 10% of the total workforce in the US ship and boat building industry. Welders are an integral part of the shipbuilding process, ensuring that machines are ready to take on the challenges of the open waters. Welders in the shipbuilding industry  [...]

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Could Your New Trucking Career Help End This Issue?

There is a shortage of truck drivers delivering goods to stores and this explains why the prices of commodities are steadily rising. Trucking companies across the country are struggling to find interested and qualified drivers, especially for long-haul routes, forcing rates and wages higher. According to the American Trucking Associations, the industry was short more  [...]

Maritime Welding in Hampton Roads: Is there a High Demand for Welders?

Perhaps you’ve heard that maritime welding is a good career, with plenty of opportunities for the well-trained welder. So what does it take to be a maritime welder? In the past, shipyards often hired entry-level employees. These workers, who had little formal training in welding, were given basic lessons in operating the equipment and started  [...]

Commercial Driving Test Vs Behind the Wheel: What Parts Are There to the Test?

Anyone who operates a commercial vehicle, including passenger buses, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers trucks, and dump trucks among others should have a CDL (commercial driver’s license). There are three types of CDLs, including Class, A, B, and C that determine the type of vehicle you will drive. The different classes are also determined by the GVWR (gross  [...]