Women Truck Drivers: A Growing Demand in the Commercial Driving Industry

A revolution is taking place in the trucking industry. As aging male drivers retire, the demand for new drivers to take their place has not been met. As a result of this shortage, wages have been going up, with companies also offering attractive sign-on bonuses. But driving jobs still go unfilled. Increasingly, trucking companies are  [...]

What Schooling to you Need to be a Heavy Duty Mechanic?

Heavy duty mechanics maintain, service, and repair heavy duty machines and vehicles used in transportation, construction, or farming industries. Examples include semi-trucks, bulldozers, buses, tractors, and cranes. Their primary duties include diagnosing parts, testing components, making repairs, and replacing parts. The nature of their work is characterized by heavy lifting, working in awkward positions, and  [...]

Learning How to be an Auto Mechanic: Is It Right for Me?

Automotive technicians are professionals who examine, troubleshoot, repair and maintain various types of vehicles, including privately owned and commercial vehicles. Their work generally involves fixing worn brake pads or wheel bearing, changing or repairing tires, giving tune-ups, changing oil, and completing inspections. In established companies, automotive technicians may specialize in a single mode of expertise  [...]