Women Truck Drivers: A Growing Demand in the Commercial Driving Industry

A revolution is taking place in the trucking industry. As aging male drivers retire, the demand for new drivers to take their place has not been met. As a result of this shortage, wages have been going up, with companies also offering attractive sign-on bonuses. But driving jobs still go unfilled. Increasingly, trucking companies are  [...]

Shortage of Truck Drivers Means New Opportunities for Aspiring Truck Drivers

When people across the country sit down to make career plans, one line of work rarely enters the picture: trucking. For many, that might be a grave mistake. Unlike many other job categories these days, the trucking industry is currently facing a dramatic shortage of workers. Thanks to some unprecedented social and economic factors, there’s  [...]

Truck Driver Shortage Solutions: Could Your New Trucking Career Help End This Issue?

There is a shortage of truck drivers delivering goods to stores and this explains why the prices of commodities are steadily rising. Trucking companies across the country are struggling to find interested and qualified drivers, especially for long-haul routes, forcing rates and wages higher. According to the American Trucking Associations, the industry was short more  [...]

Commercial Driving Test Vs Behind the Wheel: What Parts Are There to the Test?

Anyone who operates a commercial vehicle, including passenger buses, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers trucks, and dump trucks among others should have a CDL (commercial driver’s license). There are three types of CDLs, including Class, A, B, and C that determine the type of vehicle you will drive. The different classes are also determined by the GVWR (gross  [...]