What is a Degree in Automotive Technology Good For?

The field of automotive technology is becoming increasingly diverse as technological advances and innovations make for more sophisticated machines. From the way consumer products their destination to the way people travel to work each day; from the machines that make public transport possible to the highly specialized industrial vehicles, auto technology is an important part  [...]

What are Some Benefits of Being a Mechanic in Hampton Roads?

Automotive mechanics help everyday commuters, businesses, and municipalities deliver goods, passengers, and services to their intended destinations. Keeping these vehicles in working order is vital to the economy and the continued comfort of our way of life. If you’re interested in becoming a mechanic, you might be wondering, what is it like to be an  [...]

How Long Does It Take to Become a Mechanic in Norfolk, Virginia?

“Accelerated education” is a program that is flexible enough to include all age groups. An Associate in Occupational Science with a concentration in Automotive Technology Service Management (AOS) degree traditionally takes over 2 years to complete. With accelerated education program and a choice of scheduling options, you could earn your AOS degree in just 21  [...]

Training as a Mechanic: What You Need to Know About Formal Education

Automobiles have evolved and advanced considerably over the past 30 years. While knowing how to wield a wrench is still a vital skill for mechanics, much more is needed to keep today’s modern machines operational. With advancements happening at a rapidly increasing rate, 21st century mechanics are entering a career field where the ability to  [...]

Learning How to be an Auto Mechanic: Is It Right for Me?

Automotive technicians are professionals who examine, troubleshoot, repair and maintain various types of vehicles, including privately owned and commercial vehicles. Their work generally involves fixing worn brake pads or wheel bearing, changing or repairing tires, giving tune-ups, changing oil, and completing inspections. In established companies, automotive technicians may specialize in a single mode of expertise  [...]

What Are the Main Duties of a Mechanic? Will I Need Formal Training in this Profession?

Mechanics are skillful tradespersons who work on light trucks, automobiles, and other types of vehicles that run on gasoline. They are entrusted with examining and inspecting vehicles brought into a service or repair shop. They interact with clients to obtain key information concerning the issues that they’re experiencing with their vehicles in order to diagnose  [...]