What is a Degree in Automotive Technology Good For?

The field of automotive technology is becoming increasingly diverse as technological advances and innovations make for more sophisticated machines. From the way consumer products their destination to the way people travel to work each day; from the machines that make public transport possible to the highly specialized industrial vehicles, auto technology is an important part  [...]

What is Maritime Welding and Why is it Important in Hampton Roads?

Maritime welding is a process that produces coalescence of material by heating them to its welding temperature, with or without application of pressure or use of filler metal. Maritime welding can be performed both offshore and/or at the docks during the shipbuilding processes. Modern welding techniques are employed in shipbuilding. Before, welding ships were being  [...]

Heavy Vehicle Mechanic: A New Career Path for Me?

There’s much more to being a mechanic than working on cars or motorcycles. In fact, heavy vehicles with diesel engines require mechanics who specialize in them. That’s because diesel engine technology is quite different from gasoline engine technology. This means that businesses that rely on heavy vehicles need mechanics who specialize in diesel engine technology.  [...]

What are Some Benefits of Being a Mechanic in Hampton Roads?

Automotive mechanics help everyday commuters, businesses, and municipalities deliver goods, passengers, and services to their intended destinations. Keeping these vehicles in working order is vital to the economy and the continued comfort of our way of life. If you’re interested in becoming a mechanic, you might be wondering, what is it like to be an  [...]