What is Expedited Trucking & How Can I Get a Job Doing It?

Suppose you had a sensitive cargo to send halfway across the country—two pregnant boa constrictors, let’s say—how would you ship them? Or 1,000 pounds of pizza dough, or part of the James Webb Space Telescope? You would use expedited trucking, because each load was time-sensitive, fragile, or irreplaceable. You would definitely not use air freight,  [...]

Metal Solid: The History of Welding

Industrial processes include smelting, electrolysis, sawing/cutting, forging, casting, tooling, soldering, die cutting, and welding, among many other skills. Of these, welding is defined as the most economical and efficient way to join two or more metals permanently, making one piece. Welding.com says that welding ranks high among industrial processes and uses more science and variables  [...]

Key Traits to Look for in the Best Automotive Tech Schools

When Henry Ford first started building cars back in 1896, he revolutionized transportation, built an industry, and created a brand new career path for millions of Americans. And there’s never been a better time to be an automotive tech because there have never been more vehicles on the road! Last year, there were nearly 258 million  [...]

Modern Muscle Cars: What are the Best Performance Cars of 2016?

To anyone old enough to remember the heyday of American muscle cars, it was a wonder to behold. We don’t mean hot rods – the cars from the 1930s and ‘40s that young guys like Paul Le Mat’s character in American Graffiti would restore, trick out, and tick off the local squares with. Hot rods  [...]

5 Clever Ways Technology is Changing the Role of HVAC Technicians

The ancient Romans had public baths fed by springs and heated beneath the floors by open spaces (hypocausts) with wood-fired furnaces (prafurniae). In large baths, these wood furnaces consumed entire forests of trees, since the Romans kept their baths open seven days a week. More than 2,100 years later, many of our homes use the  [...]

What’s the Difference Between Diesel and Gas Engines?

Those of you with an interest in the automotive industry may already be aware that diesel engines have greater compression ratios and provide more power than their gasoline counterparts, but you may be unaware as to why. While the main difference between diesel and gas engines lies in the timing of the fuel delivery system,  [...]

Six Useful Tips for Landing a Maritime Welding Apprenticeship

Maritime welding, separate from the specialty of underwater welding, is almost exclusively done in shipyards around the coastlines of our country. In dry-docks and shipyards, maritime welders help build new ships, repair old ones, and (sadly) cut up outdated ships for scrap metal. Getting a job as a welder working around boats, submarines, and ships  [...]

Learning Auto Repair: To Specialize or Not to Specialize

To specialize, or not to specialize, that is the question. Do you want to be a generalist, who works on any vehicle at any time? Or do you want to specialize in foreign vehicles, specific brands or specific repairs? The answer depends on your personal interests, career goals, and whether or not you want to  [...]

CDL Training: 4 Key Fundamentals You Can Learn in Trucking School

Truck drivers are an essential part of what keeps American moving. Nearly every product that is sold and bought has been transported at some point via a long haul truck. Such products include the everyday necessities of food, water, and even the cash that’s found in the neighborhood ATM. But despite the big demand for experienced truckers, there’s  [...]

How to Become a Heating and Refrigeration Mechanic in 3 Easy Steps

Modern technological advancements have reshaped the HVAC-R industry. Today’s equipment can connect with tech-savvy thermostats to alert residents immediately of any issues and new eco-friendly units are more attractive than ever. These improvements have led to an increased demand for knowledgeable HVAC-R technicians who’re adept with the latest equipment and can evolve with technology. This all leads up  [...]

5 Top Jobs to Pursue after Diesel Mechanic Training

Our world runs on diesel. Think about it—from building construction to emergency generators to heavy-duty farm equipment that keeps us all fed, we owe a lot to these workhorses of the engine world. Students who choose to immerse themselves in the study of these thermal powerhouses have a bright future ahead of them. The job  [...]