Working in Welding: The Ultimate Welding Terms Glossary

One of the best things about being a welder is that your skills are always in demand across different industries where basic welding skills are the same. Welders can be found working in manufacturing plants, building job sites, and rebuilding infrastructure such as bridges and highways. Being able to move from industry to industry offers  [...]

Training to Be a Diesel Mechanic: Everything You Should Know

Skilled blue collar jobs are in extremely high demand across the United States. While the American economy has shifted to services, we still are one of the world’s leading manufacturing and resource extracting nations, and there are simply not enough people doing those jobs. Long story short, becoming a diesel mechanic could be a lucrative  [...]

Let’s Get Up to Speed: How to Become a Race Car Mechanic

Training to become a race car mechanic starts early, in high school, by excelling at classwork that leads to automotive and high performance engine work: technology classes, mathematics and science courses. A high performance engine mechanic is a combination of brains and brawn, intermixing knowledge of nuts and bolts with the eye-hand coordination of a  [...]

10 Top Paying Truck Driving Specialties for Commercial Truck Drivers

Commercial truck driving has generated major buzz with such TV shows as “Ice Road Truckers,” where drivers perform what may be the most dangerous truck driving in North America, traversing frozen lakes and navigating ice-clad roads in winter. Truck drivers with the skills to successfully deliver the goods under such conditions undoubtedly earn top dollar for their courage, but  [...]

The Top 7 Destinations for Maritime Welding Careers

Find a globe. We’ll wait. Look at the globe and find America. Consider four areas: inland; coastline; offshore; overseas. With an education as a maritime welder, you could own the world, neatly divided into four areas rich in opportunity and eager for your talents. Maritime Welding Careers Inland—#1 through #3 Maritime welders need not work beside seawater.  [...]

12 Killer Scholarships & Grants for Trade School Students

You might think that scholarships for trade school are hard to find. This is not the case; most states have vast listings of locally available scholarships, lending sources and grants that can be used for vocational schools. Finding an accredited, reputable trade school gets you part of the way to success; locking in a money  [...]

HVAC Training Courses: The Ultimate Success Guide

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians are skilled tradesmen that specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems. These systems provide heating and cooling for residential and business properties and often have commercial refrigeration applications. Most states require technicians to obtain a license before providing HVAC services. This is not a field where  [...]

How to Get a CDL: Study Tips for Passing the CDL Test

Solve this problem: A tractor-trailer truck leaves Chicago traveling east at 65 miles per hour, and a horse trailer leaves New York traveling west at 55 miles per hour: find X. If that sounds like every test you remember from school—like so much confusing nonsense—and it makes you nervous to read, you may have test anxiety. Are  [...]

5 of the Most Critical Tasks of Shipyard Welders

Welding is an essential part of shipbuilding and repair. The most critical tasks for shipyard welders obviously include things like being able to properly join two pieces of metal in a permanent fashion, but there are several other critical tasks facing them, too. It’s important that maritime welders be properly trained in a variety of  [...]